Our Management Team

When it comes to large program management, our core team is your core team as well. That’s because our key consultants do one thing, and one thing only—program management. They aren’t encumbered with other priorities, such as up-selling extra services or extra staffing or extra anything else. Each of our key people works in-person, hands-on, at your site, applying to your initiative at least 10 years of experience in running large, complex programs. So when Parker, David or any of our other Program Management team members lead your program, you’ve got a leader whose focus is where yours is. On maximizing results for you.

Rosanna Hayden

President & CEO

Rosanna Hayden has been integral to Artizen’s success since year 2000. Initially joining Artizen as CFO, she quickly put together systems and processes to accurately record and quickly report financial information, built strong banking relationships and built a well-rounded administrative team. Soon afterwards, she became COO where she additionally became responsible for Artizen’s sales division including taking a direct role in sales and the hiring of both sales and delivery team members . Rosanna worked directly with Artizen managed service clients, taking a hands-on role actively managing and leading team members in the field and is an active member of PMI. In 2007, Rosanna was offered and accepted ownership in Artizen and in 2018 ultimately became CEO responsible for all aspects of Artizen. Rosanna’s ascent to becoming the successful business leader that she is today started with humble beginnings. While attending San Francisco State University, she worked 30 hours a week performing administrative tasks to help pay for her college education. The CEO recognizing her potential quickly promoted her to an accountant position. Her success in the field took her to Europe where she lived for 2 years and during her stay in Europe and upon her return was promoted repeatedly by several organizations until ultimately becoming CFO prior to joining Artizen. Her vision, determination to be successful, drive, high emotional quotient and intellect have allowed she and her teams to thrive both personally and financially. Aside from her corporate responsibilities, Rosanna is loving mother to 3 amazing children and has been consistently generous with her “off work” hours donating her time to many non-profit organizations. Rosanna has a number of hobbies. She loves photography, riding her road bicycle, going on hikes, cooking, gardening, and designing and creating fashion apparel and jewelry. Rosanna is also an experienced traveler and has visited 50+ countries around the globe including Australia, Singapore, Nicaragua, Argentina and Fiji.
In order to be an effective leader, you must help your team understand the necessity of change and gain acceptance of a collective vision of the desired result.

Parker Painter

Program Management Practice Manager

Parker Painter has been with Artizen since its founding in 1991. He spends about 100 percent of his time doing hands-on management of large programs for clients. He is a certified SAFe Program Consultant (SPC) and has led large scale Agile transformations for Fortune 100 clients. Parker started his program management career with Accenture, a Big Four consulting company, but it wasn’t many years before clients were interested in engaging him directly. And so began his life as an independent program management consultant. Not only did his consultancy thrive, it also became the ideal laboratory for perfecting the vision, strategy and skills that led to Artizen. Today Artizen is one of the few companies to focus entirely on hands-on, large program management. But Parker has been focused for a long time. At age 12, he set his sights on becoming one of two things—a professional basketball player or an engineer. His love of basketball grew to towering heights, but he did not, so he wisely cultivated his lifelong desire to “build stuff.” His new focus bore abundant fruit. He earned his engineering degree at Georgia Tech (graduating magna cum laude), then added an MBA in finance at the University of Florida. Today he builds stuff by managing large-scale programs. He also builds great teams to execute those programs. And while nothing distracts him from his client’s best interests, he of course has interests that go beyond the workplace. Above all, he loves hanging out with his family (from whom, he says, he’s learned a lot about program management). He also logs about 20 miles a week hiking the hills of the San Francisco peninsula, accompanied by his intrepid dog Bailey. And for a real shift in perspective, he takes to the Sierra Range for long trail rides on his well-worn KTM 450 Dual Sport motorcycle.

Hal Kalechofsky

Consulting Practice Director

Hal Kalechofsky leads the Artizen AI and Data Solutions practice, which focuses on practical applications of AI/ML, data analytics, and automation in enterprise business systems to accelerate near-term realistic client ROI. The practice specializes in Business Intelligence, Financial planning, CRM, Marketing Analytics, Customer Success, and Operations. The Artizen offerings range from advisory and readiness assessments to reporting dashboards, analytics development, process automation, predictive modeling, and larger digital transformation program management. Hal is a skilled analytics executive in Hi-Tech, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, and Operations Transformation with over 20 years experience and numerous hands-on projects. Hal has worked with multiple Fortune 500 companies in a range of industries including Hi-Tech, Financial Services, Semiconductor, Retail, and Cloud-Ecommerce. He has held VP and Director+ level corporate positions and has global experience leading digitization, analytical, and transformation programs with clients around the world. Hal became passionate about analytical systems and computation at an early age, and after his Ph.D. and successful positions at several Bay Area tech companies decided that solving hard business problems with an innovative blend of people, process, and technology was just the thing for him. In addition to Hal’s management consulting background, he is Cloud-certified, holds a certificate in AI from Stanford, and is a practitioner of designing and using data science solution frameworks and AI/ML techniques. Hal is also active as a Limited Partner in a Silicon Valley VC fund. Outside of the workplace, you might catch Hal on the tennis court where he captains a Silicon Valley team, re-modeling a house (which is great practice for milestones and budgeting..), or on an exotic trip with his family somewhere hopefully involving mountains or a beach.

Our Philosophy

Artizen has been providing program management services since 1991 and, in all those years, our philosophy has remained unchanged: better results depend on deeper experience and deeper focus. That’s why every Artizen manager has at least a decade of hands-on program management experience. In case you are wondering, yes, many of our Agile transformation leaders have more then 10 years of Agile experience. This singular focus on program management is why program management is our one and only business, period. All of which pays you important benefits. First, an experienced Artizen manager actually runs your program, working hands-on at your site to manage the host of players that a large program can require—multiple suppliers, full-time client employees, outsourced infrastructure, staff augmentation, offshore vendors, globally distributed client locations and more. And because our one and only job is large program management, we have no conflicts of interest with those players. We sell no other services, so we don’t compete with those who do. That means our best interests are always aligned with yours. We succeed when your program succeeds. Today, large programs happen in a big, complicated, difficult environment and managing those programs demands both science and art. The science is in the methodology, models and plans. The art is in the team leadership. We’re not only experts at both. We’re experienced, focused experts.