Program Problem-Solving

We’re experts at running programs with special demands. We turn around troubled programs, design solutions for specialized needs and offer unique problem-solving tools.

We specialize in managing large programs from kickoff to closeout. At every step, we know what it takes to produce superior business results.

And because we understand every step, we’re also proficient at turning around existing programs with problems. From troubleshooting programs that struggle to stay on schedule to overcoming chronic problems with an entire portfolio, we can help.

Artizen can prescribe and create a custom solution tailored to your company’s unique concerns. Then again, many program management problems are common from one company to the next. That’s why we also offer our powerful standardized problem-solving tools.

Our Program Health Assessment yields a clear and complete picture of what’s going on with your program and why. An experienced Artizen manager examines more than 300 components of your program to produce a detailed program dashboard and specific, actionable recommendations for getting your program back on track.

Our Program Management Review starts with a detailed analysis of representative programs within your entire portfolio. From that analysis, we produce a comprehensive assessment of your program management capabilities. Finally, we implement a continuing program that measures and improves the effectiveness of all your program management people and processes.

Our Merger Integration offering provides you with an experienced program manager who uses a proven methodology to plan and execute a complete acquisition integration program. For example, our tested “three in a box” management technique lets our program manager work side-by-side with both of your managers—one from the acquiring company and one from the acquired company—to run the integration program together. It’s just one way we supply the experience and tools to make your program managers and your entire team successful.

Our RFP Management method brings you a proven Artizen program manager, equipped with our tested methodology, to drive the selection of hardware, software or services quickly and effectively.