Program Health Assessment

When you have a program that’s struggling, we have the answer.

Using our proven Program Health Assessment solution, an experienced Artizen program manager will quickly diagnose problems and make recommendations to get everything back on track. A Program Health Assessment can be completed in a matter of weeks and yields immediate, actionable recommendations.

We start by investigating how your project is being run—not the theory or the published methodology, but the reality of its planning and management. We dig deep into the project plan, project charter, the detailed requirements, design documents and other working papers. Then we interview the project team members and affected business stakeholders. We work through the symptoms and determine the root causes.

We’ve learned that, in most cases, those causes were built in from the beginning. Mistakes in the project charter, stakeholder management, team structure, team skill sets, vendor selection, and a myriad of other foundational elements begin to cause problems early and continue to get worse. Our Program Health Assessment finds those crucial foundational problems. Once we identify the root causes for trouble, we give the same thorough examination to the rest of the program—its execution and oversight.

Our tested and proven Program Health Assessment methodology includes an exhaustive 300+ quality checks, grouped into these general areas:

  • Sponsorship
  • Scope management
  • Project organization and communication
  • Budget management
  • Estimating, plans, and status
  • Procurement and contracts
  • Resources
  • Issue and risk management
  • Key deliverables assessment
  • Change management (adoption)
  • QA and UAT
  • Go live readiness

After our comprehensive review, we present our findings and make specific, actionable recommendations. Finally, we use all these results to design a program that can put your organization, your managers and your program back on track for success.