Large Program Management

A contract project manager may be sufficient for the occasional small project. But when you undertake mission-critical initiatives, you need far more. You need the tested and proven people, process and oversight that Artizen applies to every engagement.

Our people are exceptional. Each program manager arrives at your site with at least 10 years of experience running large, complex programs. And every Artizen manager stays at your site and manages your program personally. Too many companies use their experienced people to simply sell services and then send an inexperienced manager to do the work. Artizen never does. We always provide a manager with long and proven experience to handle your engagement, in person, from start to finish.

Our process is unsurpassed. We can apply our own rigorous methodology to your program or we can use it to review, validate and augment your own methodology. Either way, you get a methodology that’s rock-solid and repeatable, so you can count on better results. We’re expert with advanced tools and templates that a major program requires, including:

  • Clear program lifecycle and phase gate definition
  • Deliverable templates and examples (BRD, Functional Specifications, Change Management Plans and more)
  • Estimating models to better determine head count and costs
  • Project sponsorship and governance frameworks
  • Project metrics to improve status accuracy (Earned Value, Risk Management, Software Defect Management, etc.)

Our oversight of your program is rigorous, supplied by the expertise of the entire Artizen team. Every Artizen manager on every program is backed by a Consulting Practice Manager who provides constant oversight, reviewing results at project phase gates and guaranteeing that all Artizen best practices are always at work.

We bring our better approach to every large program we manage. That’s how we deliver the business results you signed up for.