Program Management Review

Artizen can help you assess and improve your company’s ability to manage programs and projects. We help you set up Management Review programs that are self-sustaining and client-managed.

The Review starts with a Project Management Skills Assessment tailored to your organization. Your assessment includes broad-based testing of all your program managers and in-depth interviews with a representative group.

These interviews also employ our proven Program Health Assessment to produce detailed information about selected programs in process. By reviewing multiple programs we are able to identify patterns across your organization that show where program management improvement is needed.

From this wealth of findings, we make clear recommendations for improving your organization’s program management abilities. Typical recommendations include:

  • Project management training
  • Implementation of formalized phase gate processes including project reviews where conformance to best practices can be measured
  • Implementation of a project management peer review program
  • Establishment of project management communities and centers of excellence where project managers can go for help and advice
  • Access to document libraries containing templates and samples of project deliverables

Management gains far better control, too. We create dashboards that measure and clearly display indispensable performance metrics, including on-time and on-budget delivery, product defects, value realization and much more.

All of which means you can see your program managers and your entire organization improving right before your eyes.